FREDERICTON (GNB) – For the ninth consecutive day, Public Health has reported no new cases of COVID-19.

The number of confirmed cases in New Brunswick remains at 120; the number of active cases is one and 119 people have recovered. The remaining active case is not in hospital. As of today, 19,713 tests have been conducted.

The latest updates and information on confirmed COVID-19 cases and laboratory testing in New Brunswick are available online.

New Brunswick is currently in Phase 2 (Orange) of the COVID-19 recovery, which is aimed at the reopening of businesses and activities while working to prevent a resurgence of transmission.

Information on public health recovery phases, measures and guidelines is available online.

Protect your two-household bubble

Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health, emphasized the importance of people maintaining and protecting the two-household bubble and limiting close contact to those within that bubble.

“When you stay at home, or within your two-household bubble, you are denying the COVID-19 virus the opportunity to spread to others,” said Russell. “Every close contact you have outside your bubble increases the risk to your health and to the health of those within your bubble.”

Russell also stressed the importance of people staying two metres away from those outside their bubble. When physical distancing is not possible, she recommends people wear a community face mask that covers their mouth and nose.

Maintaining the two-household bubble is vital to the safe operation of daycares and early childhood education centres, which will reopen next week, said Russell. If each child in a daycare has close contact with only one other household, the risk of spreading the virus is greatly reduced.

It is also important that parents and staff do not enter a daycare if they are feeling unwell.

Business recovery

More stores and restaurants have been opening during the past week. As others do so in the days ahead, business owners who need personal protective equipment for their employees can find information online about New Brunswick suppliers.

If business owners have questions about the measures they must take to operate safely, they can contact the Opportunities NB Business Navigator line at 1-833-799-7966 or by emailing

Victoria Day long weekend

Premier Blaine Higgs, who was wearing a “Thank a trucker” T-shirt today as part of an Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association campaign, reminded people that they must continue to obey Public Health directives during the Victoria Day long weekend.

“I hope everyone has the chance to enjoy the long weekend, and takes some time to relax,” said Higgs. “We have to continue to do our part to keep all New Brunswickers healthy and safe. We have good reason to be proud of the progress we have made as a province to minimize our risks and contain the spread of this virus. But we must also remember all of the hard work it took us to get to this point. We are still vulnerable to COVID-19. We have minimized the risks, but we cannot eliminate them completely.”

Higgs also highlighted the fact that many retailers will be closed on Monday.

“This will provide a much-needed rest for workers, many of whom have been serving the public and providing New Brunswickers with necessities throughout this pandemic, even when the rest of us were being asked to stay at home,” said Higgs. “This is a great example of residents stepping up for our New Brunswick. We are all grateful to our essential workers for their dedication, and for the work they continue to do every day.”

Up-to-date information about COVID-19 is available online.