Moving to a new country brings with it a lot of changes and unknowns. It can be difficult to navigate the many day-to-day aspects in your new life. To help meet the needs of newcomers, there are professional organizations that are here to deliver services and programs. These services are available to you at no cost. The goal is to help you to navigate these new day-to-day aspects of life so that you can have a successful start in New Brunswick. Each organization is a registered non-profit which is overseen by a volunteer board of directors. The employees of these organizations co-ordinate and deliver the services and programs. The types of services and programming may vary from one organization to another, and there may be specific requirements (e.g. language level or immigration status) for certain offerings.

The Population Growth Team's Orientation for Guide for Newcomers contains information on a range of topics that will help you to get established in New Brunswick.

Topics include; the housing, healthcare, education and other important information.

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