Government of New Brunswick

The New Brunswick's Multicultural Associations offers language training as well as an orientation to the Canadian labour market, including interview and employment preparation and job search assistance to better prepare you for entering New Brunswick’s job market.

For more information on language training, refer to Learning English or French.


Other ways to improve your qualifications for work:

  • get more training or education. Refer to Studying to find out more about education, job training and apprenticeships;
  • join a professional association (regulatory body). Contact your professional association and ask about their international qualification assessment services;
  • consider re-certifying or re-registering. You may need to take a certification or registration exam to qualify for professional or trade certification in New Brunswick. Refer to Credential recognition; and
  • volunteer in your field of work as a permanent resident. You will gain work experience, a chance to improve your language skills and gain access to people who may provide references and help in your work search.