Government of New Brunswick

Find a job and build your career in New Brunswick. There are many online and community resources that can help you network and find work.

For information on employment counseling services in your community, refer to the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour. Also check with local immigrant-settlement agency or the New Brunswick school or university you are attending for employment counseling.

Keep up to date on the latest job postings in our province. Check these places frequently:

  • various online New Brunswick job sites such as, Government of New Brunswick – Employment, and the Government of Canada Job Bank;
  • the careers and classified sections of our national and local papers;
  • local job fairs;
  • your network of friends, family, and neighbours;
  • volunteer opportunities that may lead to new contacts or paid work; and
  • recruiters, as listed in your local telephone directory.

For more information about these documents and how to apply, refer to Working in Canada.

To work in New Brunswick, you will need certain documentation, including:

  • a record of landing or work permit;
  • a resume or curriculum vitae with a cover letter; and
  • references (usually three different individuals) who can confirm and praise your past work experience.

For more information on getting ready to look for work and finding a job in New Brunswick, visit the Government of Canada pages.

If you have received your confirmation of permanent residence from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada you may access a number of free pre-arrival job search programs. To view a webinar click here.


Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The federal government’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program admits eligible foreign workers to work in Canada for an authorized temporary period, typically ranging from three months to three or four years. To learn more about working in New Brunswick as a temporary foreign worker, refer to the New Brunswick Temporary Foreign Workers Employee Guide.

Please also review these websites: Employment and Social Development Canada and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for information on temporary foreign work permits.


International students

Refer to your New Brunswick school’s website for information about finding work while you are here, as well as: