Government of New Brunswick

Agrologists Agrologists provide advice and services related to agricultural and environmental science and technology. They apply scientific principles to the production, improvement, use, processing and marketing of plants and animals, and the management of related resources.

Foresters Foresters plan manage forested lands and related renewable resources. They work closely with other land and resource management specialists to ensure that forests are managed wisely to maximize resources and minimize adverse impacts on land, water and wildlife.

Hunting and angling guides Hunting and angling guides provide expertise, direction, local knowledge and help ensure regulatory compliance and clients’ safety. Guides also enhance the quality of experience and increase the success rates of visiting sportsmen and woman.

Real estate agents – Real estate agents and salespersons act as agents for the sale or purchase of houses, apartments, commercial buildings, land and other real estate and are employed in the real estate industry. (Source: Working in Canada)

Interior designers – Interior designers conceptualize and produce aesthetic, functional and safe designs for interior spaces in residential, commercial, cultural, institutional and industrial buildings. They are employed by architectural firms, interior design firms, retail establishments, construction companies, hospitals, airlines, hotel and restaurant chains, and other establishments or they may be self-employed. (Source: Working in Canada)

Land surveyors – Land surveyors plan, direct and conduct legal surveys to establish the location of real property boundaries, contours and other natural or human-made features, and prepare and maintain cross-sectional drawings, official plans, records and documents pertaining to these surveys. They are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments, private sector land surveying establishments, real estate development, natural resource, engineering and construction firms, or they may be self-employed. (Source: Working in Canada)

Urban and land use planners – Urban and land use planners develop plans and recommend policies for managing land use, physical facilities and associated services for urban and rural areas and remote regions.

Building officials (Construction inspectors) – Construction inspectors inspect the construction and maintenance of new and existing buildings, bridges, highways and industrial construction to ensure that specifications and building codes are observed and monitor work site safety. They are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments, construction companies, architectural and civil engineering consulting firms or they may be self-employed. (Source: Working in Canada)