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Our education system offers excellent learning opportunities. New Brunswick’s ability to compete on a global scale is attributed to our quality workforce of well-trained, motivated and lifelong learners.

This is a presentation about the New Brunswick education system developed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood development.

The Studying section of the site has information on Schooling, kindergarten through high school and Post-secondary education.


Child Care

Soon after arriving, you may be starting work, beginning classes, or need to run errands which cannot be done accompanied by children. By law, children younger than 12 years old can not be left alone, so you may need to find child care for these times, as well as child care before and after school care, for your younger family members. 

Refer to Early Learning and Child Care Services.

Child care options in New Brunswick include:

  • licensed child care centres;
  • home-based child care centres;
  • preschools;
  • drop-in day care centres; and
  • individuals offering babysitting or nanny services

Some communities also offer government-subsidized day care for low-income families; Look in your local telephone directory under Child Care or Day Cares. Many communities have local family resource centres that can help you start your search.

Children are protected by the New Brunswick Family Services Act, which makes it illegal to leave a child younger than 12 at home alone; furthermore, using excessive force to discipline a child is considered abusive and is against the law.