OROMOCTO (GNB) – A new booklet that promotes playful ways to develop literacy skills in children is now available online and at all New Brunswick Public Libraries.

Exploring Literacies: Talk, Sing, Read, Create Through Play Every Day! recognizes the importance of learning through play in the early years and suggests playful, literacy-rich tips and activities that parents and guardians can do with their children.

“Literacy is much more than learning to read and write,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Dominic Cardy. “One of the best ways to support children’s literacy is through daily interactions using the strategies presented in this booklet. Early childhood provides the best opportunity to influence brain development in a way that will create a lifelong foundation for success in school and life.”

Improving literacy skills is a key objective outlined in the government’s 10-year education plans.

The resource is designed to provide a variety of tips that promote literacy through daily learning and playing that can easily be incorporated into the life of busy families.

In addition to this booklet, there are other tools and resources available in each of the anglophone school districts that promote early childhood literacy, such as the Exploring Literacies online literacy module for educators.

A similar early learning literacy initiative is being developed for the francophone sector.