FREDERICTON (GNB) – Five teachers and three early childhood educators in the francophone sector have received the Excellence in Education Award in recognition of their exceptional work over the 2016-17 school year.

“When I visit schools and daycares around the province, I am always impressed with the level of dedication and enthusiasm our teachers and early childhood educators have for our children and youth,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Brian Kenny. “These educators are passionate about providing students with innovative learning experiences and teaching them to think outside the box, while ensuring lessons are inclusive to different learning styles.”

The awards recognize individuals who have shown exceptional dedication, ingenuity, leadership, passion, and professionalism throughout the education and early learning systems. They also highlight the success of innovative methods of fostering young children and students, exceptional efforts to promote a positive learning environment, and initiatives to support students with difficulties.

The 24th annual Excellence in Education Awards ceremony was held on Saturday, Nov. 6, in Fredericton. Awards were presented to the following educators:

Francophone Nord-Est school district:

  • Akémi Takatsuka – Polyvalente Louis-Mailloux, Caraquet;
  • Anne Louise Dubé – Cité de l’Amitié, Bathurst; and
  • Carmène Duguay – Garderie Les P’tites Bottines, Lamèque.

Francophone Nord-Ouest school district:

  • France Bossé – Carrefour de la Jeunesse, Edmundston; and
  • Rolande Dubé – Les Haltes scolaires et pré-maternelles Arc-En-Ciel Inc., Edmundston.

Francophone Sud school district:

  • Michelle Losier Roy – Père-Edgar-T.-LeBlanc, Grand-Barachois;
  • Nathalie Allain – École Amirault, Dieppe; and
  • Sylvie Lang – Centre parascolaire entre amis, Dieppe.

“Each of our laureates is a credit to their profession and we are fortunate that they have chosen to make a difference in the lives of young New Brunswickers,” said Kenny. “Together, we will build a robust education system that will prepare New Brunswick’s youth for the future.”

The government’s 10-year education plans aim to improve educational outcomes and better prepare young people for the future. They set objectives in priority areas to create inclusive environments for all learners, create lifelong learners, support educational leaders and bring stability to the system.