Government of New Brunswick

Need help paying child care? The Day Care Assistance Program can help!

The Day Care Assistance Program is designed to help your family have access to financially affordable, quality early learning and childcare at an approved day care. If your family’s annual net income is $55,000 or less, you may qualify.

If you do not have access to an approved early learning and childcare facility, you may be eligible for assistance under the Alternative Child Care Program.

Are you eligible?

There are certain conditions that will be considered when your application is reviewed. If you are working, attending school or a training program, undergoing medical treatments or have received a referral from a recognized referral source for your child to attend an approved daycare, you may be eligible. You must call your regional Social Development office to confirm your eligibility.

What are the subsidy rates?

To see how much you may be eligible to receive, please review the Day Care Assistance Rate Table for Licensed Care

*If you are considered a high school student, you may be eligible to receive a higher childcare subsidy rate of $27.00 per day for full-time childcare or $13.50 per day for part-time childcare. This benefit is not income tested, however proof of enrollment in the training program is required and you must have access to an approved child daycare facility.