Hiring new New Brunswickers


As a business owner and entrepreneur, you have access to a significant employment resource in our immigrant population. They have international experience and global connections, and a unique set of skills, knowledge and qualifications.


Service Canada offers a range of services and tools for employers.


The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials works to facilitate wider recognition of higher education and professional qualifications. If you need to evaluate a worker’s foreign degree or foreign credential, consult:


There are also a number of employment programs that allow employers to partner or receive financial assistance when hiring newcomers:


Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The hiring of temporary foreign workers can be an innovative solution to addressing staffing needs. The federal government’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program admits eligible foreign workers to work in Canada for an authorized temporary period, typically ranging from three months up to three or four years.


To learn more about hiring temporary foreign workers, and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, refer to the New Brunswick Temporary Foreign Workers Employer Guide.


Where to find international employees:

– place job advertisements on websites, in newspapers and magazines;

– attend job fairs;

– talk to employment counsellors at organizations such as the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, enterprise agencies, and Community Business Development Corporation;

– contact immigrant-serving agencies;

– seek out ethno-cultural organizations;

– check university and college employment offices; and

– talk to immigration recruiters.